Of the new school entertainers, old guard, improvisation

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Of the new school entertainers, old guard, improvisation Mampara of the week - Brandon Taylor


NUTTY O delivers his verses effortlessly during the recording session of the party song ‘‘Chekeche’’ at Military Touch Studios.


It’s evident the catchy song will easily pass as the biggest collaboration of 2017, dropped by the Military Touch Movement, under the guidance of Jah Prayzah. For a moment, all eyes are on Nutty O, who easily gels with Jah Prayzah, ExQ, Tahle Wedzinza and Andy Muridzo.


To some, this is just the beginning of more to come from the Mbare-bred chanter.


However, others see it as another raid of talented stars by Jah Prayzah’s camp, after Andy Muridzo’s alleged capture of 2017.


The collabo’s visuals, which instantly win the hearts of many, have also come as a step in the right direction in jump-starting Nutty O’s career.

Nutty O

It also appears Nutty O’s prayers have been answered as the pint-sized chanter navigates his route to stardom.


Over the years, he has been ridiculed for singing in Jamaican patois and not in vernacular like other Zim dancehall stalwarts like Soul Jah Love, Seh Calaz  and Killer T.


It seems the majority wanted him to follow Winky D’s template given that Bigman started off singing in deep Jamaican patois before he reverted to his mother tongue and rose to acclaim.


The youngster remains adamant that Rome wasn’t built overnight and today awards and nominations trail him like a shadow.


In short, this is Nutty O’s fairy tale which saw him building his empire from scratch.


Not only has the chanter been ruling the roost but he has also silenced all doubting Thomases.


To cut the long story short, the youngster has become the torch-bearer to the new school, he has the mojo.




Well, in this issue of Showbiz Matters (Reloaded), Yours Truly has decided to give thumbs up to the new crop of entertainers making  waves.


Not only are they dominating the showbiz landscape but they have literally seized the space.


It’s refreshing how hard work, sacrifice and innovation have been the ingredients the youngsters have embraced as their staple diet in pursuit of success.


To the old guard, now treading with caution, there are genuine fears they might not catch up with the new school of entertainers.




With the winds of change sweeping across the showbiz landscape a galaxy of youngsters, led by Nutty, have literally been on top of their game.


In recent years, he has landed collaborations with international stars like Etana, Dermaco and Stoneybwoy, a great sign of progress.


Who can easily turn a blind eye on last year’s NAMA’s biggest winner Tamy Moyo?

Tamy Moyo

The 24-year-old, who is no longer a stranger to the winners’ podium, has also been winning big corporate deals, a triumph without any doubt.


Currently, Germany-based female rapper Awa Khiwe is on top of her game.


Mbuya Stella Chiweshe, who recently shared the stage with the Bkayi-bred rapper, has since blessed her musical journey.


 There is no other blessing Awa Khiwe will ever get in her life than Mbuya Stella, who had to wait for her performance, and even shared selfie moments together. In other genres like comedy, the likes of Doc Vikela, Long John the Comedian, Comic Pastor have since taken over the game.


The same goes for film, theatre and visual arts. 




With the youngsters setting new trends in showbiz, one thing that has made their jobs easy is innovation.


Engagement through social media has also helped the new crop of entertainers to gain traction.


Celebrities like Jah Prayzah, Winky D, Tamy Moyo and Ammara Brown have also won hearts of many by embracing technology.


Sadly, the only guard, who boasts of rich catalogues of their works, still remains stuck in the past despite sitting on gold.




However, it should be mentioned that it’s not too late for the old guard to embrace technology.


It takes a positive mind and self-introspection for the old school entertainers to catch up with the new school.


For a start, they need to engage professional handlers, who understand the current trends.


While it is tough for the old guard to sacrifice their old handlers, at times tough decisions pay or they risk sinking into oblivion.


To those who still respect their loyal servants, and lieutenants who have been handlers of their affairs, Yours Truly advise you to try something new.




This week my job was made simple when it comes to the crowning of the Moron of the Week winner.


This lunatic is none other than disgraced cricketer and influencer Brandon Taylor, whose fall from grace has been the talk of the week.


Taylor was left with a battered ego and bruised image after he was offered US$15k to spot fix matches. Latest reports say he was offered US$40k.


For soiling what appeared an illustrious 17-year career in one night of shame, and for failure to control his actions, Taylor takes home the crown of shame – Mampara of the Week.


Stay blessed…till we meet again next week!


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