Arron Nyamayaro

A BILLBOARD, which some motorits felt was “offensive” as it had some racial connotations, has been pulled down.

The billboard was pulled down yesterday.

It was along Borrowdale Road in Harare.

The billboard was advertising Linglong Tyres.

But, it was the message on the billboard ‘CONNECTING AFRICANS’ which some motorists felt was offensive.

The billboard was pulled down after H-Metro started making enquiries from the advertising agency and the company involved in the distribution of Linglong Tyres.

However, we could not establish whether our enquiries led to the pulling down of the billboard.

“All the people and continents in the world use tyres and, when you read this advert on the billboard, the suggestion is that these tyres only connect Africans.

“Well, one can argue that maybe they are saying that because they are selling in Africa.

“But, the danger is that in a sensitive world, like the one we live in now, people can say that these tyres are only for Africans.

“That comes with some problems because some people will see it as being racial,” said a motorist.

H-Metro failed to reach Linglong Tyres, despite repeated attempts.

However, their media agency promised to advise the company and then help us get their side of the story.

However, within some hours, the the billboard had been pulled down.

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