OK Zimbabwe fights cholera

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OK Zimbabwe fights cholera OK Zimbabwe public relations and marketing manger Rutendo Chabururuka hands over donation to District Environmental Health officer Varaidzo Mavetera


14 September 2018

. . . two more die, 699 new cases reported

. . . residents accuse council of laxing

Praise Masvosva and Betty Chitsa

OK Zimbabwe Public Relations and Marketing manager Rutendo Chabururuka hands over the donation to District Environmental Health officer Varaidzo Mavetera

OK Zimbabwe yesterday donated 200 cases of water guard to Harare City Council as a means to curtail the continuous spread of cholera.

The listed retail giant handed over 9600 water guard units to Varaidzo Mavetera who is the District Environmental Health Officer for Harare City Council.

Speaking during the handover ceremony Public Relations and Trade Marketing Manager Rutendo Chabururuka said the donation was meant to assist City of Harare in fighting cholera.

“We encourage people to wash their hands, boil drinking water and exercise strict hygiene to stop spread of cholera.

“We trust the City of Harare will urgently disburse these units to fight this special crisis.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by council corporate communications manager Michael Chideme.

“As the city of Harare we are humbled by what OK Zimbabwe has done, their assistance goes a long way in fighting this crisis.

“We will immediately distribute these water guard units.

“As the council we are working tirelessly to contain this epidemic with various stakeholders.

“We encourage everyone to observe extreme hygiene tendencies to avoid spreading of cholera,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Glen View resident hailed OK Zimbabwe for giving back to the community.

“The donation comes at a time when we needed them most.

“We are in a difficult situation at the moment and we need support from corporate world.

“We are still appealing for help from the government to continue assisting us,” said the resident.

According to an official from Harare City Council all the donated water guard units were put at Glen View Poly Clinic pending distribution to the residents.

Water guard is used for the treatment of microbial infections and other conditions.

In a bid to control the spread of cholera boreholes in affected areas have been temporarily disabled so that residents do not continue fetching contaminated water.

Meanwhile, 699 new cases of cholera have been reported in Harare while the death toll rose by another four people bringing the total to 25. Total number of reported cases now stands at 3 766.

Residents on the one hand have accused council of failing to respond to reported cases of sewer leakages.

The aggrieved residents said they were now living in fear of cholera because the city council workers were saying they cannot tackle the problem because they have no protective clothing.

According to the statistics released by the responsible authorities earlier this week, the cholera outbreak started in Glen View and Budiriro before spreading to other places.

“We are fearing for our lives because City Council workers are telling us that they have no gloves.

“Our hopes are on City Council but they telling us they can’t help us because they do not have gloves.

“Our children might end up being victims,” said one resident.

In another interview another woman said:

“We are in panic mode as we speak.

“If you come to Glen View 3 shops you will see what I am talking about (behind Glen View 3 Shops).

“It should be urgently addressed and as residents we are appealing to the responsible authorities to visit this place before witnessing casualties.

“We should bury political differences and fight against cholera.

“Lives are important than anything else.”

Contacted for comment council corporate communications manager Michael Chideme said they are closely working on it.

“Our team are on the ground as we speak addressing the sewer issues,” he said.

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