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UNITED States-based socialite, Rumbidzai ‘Amai Koko’ Ashley, has been threatened with a lawsuit by Olinda Chapel for having Stunner’s contact number.

This emerged in an Instagram live video conversation where the two clashed.

Amai Koko

“Is it not you who was stripping for him? When one knows where they are standing, they won’t be offended. He is open for business, don’t worry,” said Olinda during the conversation.

She said this after questioning Mai Koko for stripping on Stunner’s platform.

Mai Koko told her that she had nothing to do with Stunner.

“Yes, I was the one. Were you offended by that? I have his number. I was stripping for the world, but on his platform.

“And, if I wanted that man, trust me, I would have got him.

“I am in support of you and that man.”

Mai Koko said Olinda needs some help.

“I was doing a live conversation and she asked me why I have Stunner’s number.

“She said Mai Koko mukudanana naDziva, trying to investigate me, but he has always been like family to me, together with Deon. I have never looked at Stunner like that. I won’t be part of that line-up because he is like family to me. I have never been interested in him like that.

“Olinda needs help right now and Stunner’s career is not growing the way it should and he will take anything for money.”

Meanwhile, Olinda has accused her husband Tytan and his family of using juju.

Olinda claims the same people are trying to kill her in order to control her wealth.

“In February, I saw juju in my house but I never told anyone, I have been hurting inside as they have been trying to kill to keep my wealth,” she said.

Olinda said Stunner was not involved in these plots against her.

“Dziva (Stunner) munhu akayita girlfriend, vakazvarisana negirlfriend vakaita zvavakaita. Dziva havana kumbobvira vandibatira mushonga.

“Dziva havana kumbobvira vada kundiuraya. Havana kumbobvira vakada kuita zvinhu zvakapusa kudaro.”

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