On the Precipice with David Alford

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On the Precipice with David Alford


4 May 2017

Award-winning fashion designer, David Alford, says his relevance in the industry is credited to his well researched and carefully planned collection concepts.

Alford, who launched his Autumn Winter 17 collection, On the Precipice, at New York Fashion Week in February is one of the few designers who have been consistent in delivery every season.

On the Precipice’s concept is said to have originated from David’s discovery of Japanese artist, Kaz Shirane.

“The Collection we showed at New York Fashion Week and more recently Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town, Autumn/Winter 2017 was inspired by the death of the Great Barrier Reef.

“I wanted to portray the story of birth through to death and so I created garments that focused heavily on form and structure which we did by various drapes and folds, to then progress through to a disintegrated embroidery we created in house to give the effect of the prints we used decaying.

“However I did not want to just use a straight print so we were able to manipulate the images of coral into a Kaleidoscope that enveloped the body, which originated from my discovery of Japanese artist Kaz Shirane,” Alford told H-Metro.

David Alford’s New York showcase was his first in the city of lights but definitely not his last as he has already received an invitation to present his Spring Summer 2018 (SS/18).

Unlike his last collection, Centurion which was monochrome dominated David Alford’s AW/17 used a different kind of color palette and lots of prints.

“I wanted it to be bright as I was a bit bored of being known for monochromatic designs, that’s not to say I am neglecting my original aesthetic I just felt it was time to for a change.

“Everything for this collection was a new experience for us and there really is no exciting creative story behind the color palette of this collection.

“Everything I create is well researched and carefully planned and the inspiration leads to me creating an entire unique story that I think beams out of what we show on the runway,” the designer said.

The designer went on to say that he is happy he has the freedom to create without restrictions as he designs for shows and not stores.

David Alford’s SS/18 will be launched in time for NYFW in September.

“Spring/Summer 2018 has been mulling over in my head since before debuting On the Precipice.

“The slump you hit after doing a collection and a huge show can be crippling, so I find it helps to already think of the next thing while wrapping up the current.

“It puts a distance between you and the current work so when it all ends it’s not so destructive to my mind,” Alford said.

David Alford’s self named brand was launched in 2015 and has maintained relevance by consistently launching fresh collections every season.

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