Arron Nyamayaro

A DOMBOSHAWA family lost their son, while two others survived, in a suspected food poisoning scare.

Robson Kaitano, 46, the father of the three children, also survived.

They had all eaten a piece of sugar cane picked from a neighbour’s garden.

Malcolm, 4, Michael, 6, and Sandra, 10, ate the sugar cane.

The children started feeling dizzy and were rushed to a self-proclaimed prophet for prayers in Mashayamombe Village, under Chief Chinamhora.

The prophet, and other church elders, concentrated on Michael and Sandra in draining the poison.

They rushed the children to Makumbe Hospital where Malcolm was pronounced dead.

Michael and Sandra received treatment and were later discharged.

Their mother, Nyasha Mamina, 38, said:

“My three children accompanied their father to water the garden while I attended a village projects committee meeting,” said Nyasha.

“After watering the garden, I was told, the children collected some sugar cane belonging to our neighbour and relative.

“They all fed on the sugar cane, their father also ate too, but the kids were the ones who were quick to be affected.

“Something like froth came out of their mouths and they started to vomit.

“I was informed and they rushed them to our church member for prayers.”

She added:

“Attention was given to two of the kids since the youngest one was quiet and looking better.

“We later suspected food poisoning and we rushed them to hospital where the youngest boy was pronounced dead and the other two were treated and discharged.

“We collected Malcolm’s body and buried it the same day.

Ndirikufungira kuti mwana wangu akarohwa nezvishiri chete, muvengi akanzvenga nenzimbe.

“Ndirikurwadziwa nekuti ndakabereka vana vangu vanomwe, vakomana vaviri apa mumwe ndiye atorwa.”

The neighbour denied speculation that the sugar cane could have been sprayed with a pesticide.

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