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ONE SHACK, NINE KIDS. . . SUPER DAD WANTS MORE CHILDREN Ernest Chinuo with his children


HE is a proud father of nine and home, for the entire family — who include four sets of twins — is just a one-roomed shack in Chipinge.

And, that’s not all. The Chipinge super father, Ernest Chinuo, intends to double the number of his kids. The family’s home is a dilapidated shack in the high-density suburb of Usanga in Chipinge. Chinuo said he was staying in the shack after someone asked him to be a caretaker at the stand.

“Well, I have been living with my children in this small house for some time now after the owner of the stand left the country for South Africa,” he said. “Our sleeping situation is quite difficult as the place we are staying in is small.

“Children should have their own rooms but we cannot afford one so we just divide the room with a curtain.”

A one-roomed shack which Chinuo shares with his family

Chinuo even wants to expand his family.

“I feel like I haven’t reached the number of children that I want to have,” he said.

“I want to grow my family because these children will one day take care of me and, if I am to be honest, these are my real relatives because I sired them.”

Chinuo said his children have to wake up early so that they look for food in the town of Chipinge despite their tender ages.

“My children wake up early in the morning and go into the bushes for firewood so that they can sell the firewood in town,” he said.

“From selling the firewood they then get enough money for them to get bananas to resell in town.” – ZBC/H-Metro.


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