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THE local jazz community will celebrate the life and legacy of Kelly Rusike in song and dance at Alliance Francaise in Harare on May 17.

He succumbed to diabetes complications on May 17, last year, in Harare. 

Jazz legend, Sam Mataure, who worked with Kelly at Rusike Brothers and Jazz Invitation, confirmed the get-together.

“On May 17, it will be one year after Kelly Rusike’s death and as jazz players, the day won’t go unnoticed.

“It will be a night of jazz music, speeches and food at Alliance Francaise in Harare where he used to perform.

“We have consulted with his family and everything is on board,” he said.

Mataure, who has worked with almost all the yesteryear jazz outfits as a session artist,  added:

“I have known Kelly Rusike for more than 15 years since I worked with him at Jazz Invitation, among other projects.

“He was a living legend who was born in a musical family.

“We can’t afford to let his legacy be interred with his remains if we can organise something for him.

“Kelly loved his family and music, which he started at a tender age.”

Kelly, who was part of the Rusike Brothers, was among the first local groups to tour England in the ‘80s after the Bhundu Boys.

Later, Kelly left the Rusike Brothers to form Jazz Invitation, with the blessings of his siblings.

The Rusike Brothers consisted of  Tawanda, Phillip Abel, Kelly, and his twin brother Collin.

After going solo, he established himself as a force to reckon with.

He also participated at regional and local jazz festivals where he left an impression.

A week before his death, he was billed to perform in Zambia.

Kelly is survived by his daughter Courtney and son Cole.

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