Runyararo Ndaramo

LOCAL Government and Public Works Minister, Daniel Garwe, says the poor state of garbage collection poses a serious public health risk in the capital and has called for a united front to keep the city clean.

He was speaking in Dzivaresekwa during the launch of Operation Chenesa Harare Phase 2.

The event was attended by the city’s mayor, Jacob Mafume, and scores of representatives from a number of organisations.

On Wednesday, the authorities launched Operation Chenesa Harare 2 in Mbare.

“The accumulation of uncollected garbage is a public health concern and there is need for consistency in the collection of solid waste from the central business district (CBD).

“We are also aiming at ensuring a clean and well-maintained urban environment.

“I call upon the community to exercise proper waste management and disposal within their environs.

“Zimbabwe stands ready to welcome regional leaders and their delegations so it is essential that we present our capital city in the best possible light,” he said.

The minister called for a collective effort to maintain a clean environment in the city.

“I call upon all the residents, private sector and community organisations to join hands in this endeavour.

“Together, we can make a significant and lasting difference in the cleanliness of our city and our places of residence.

“Cleanliness is next to holiness.”

Mafume said residents should value hygiene.

“I urge you Dzivaresekwa residents to always practice hygiene for the sake of your children,” he said.

A Dzivaresekwa resident, Tapera Tapera, welcomed the operation.

“I am so thrilled about this campaign, I hope it will help others to see the dangers of lack of cleanliness,” he said.

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