Original Mazoe back soon

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Original Mazoe back soon


21 June 2018


…new varieties introduced

Coca-Cola and Schweppes have announced that the Original Mazoe will be brought back to retailers following public demand.

There was an outcry against the new taste of Mazoe with people saying they are less sweet after Coca Cola changed the product following recommendations by leading health authorities who called for a limit on consumption of sugar.

However, Coca cola and Schweppes Zimbabwe yesterday released a statement saying the old Mazoe will soon be back on the shelves, along with the new, modified products.

“The Coca-Cola Company and Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited are announcing that the Original Mazoe recipes for all flavours will be back on shelves in the near future.

“We have listened to consumer demand and appreciate all the feedback that has been received. In order to meet those desires but still provide choice, both the original recipes of Mazoe and the reduced sugar recipes will be offered.

“We stand by the safety of all ingredients used in our products and we’re committed to offering choice to help people reduce added-sugar in their diets. Both variants will be clearly labelled, actively encouraging and enabling consumers to enjoy our added-sugar beverages responsibly,” they said in a statement.


The Coca-Cola Company said they changed Mazoe recipes to take action against obesity-causing issues as they have become a serious concern.

“The Coca-Cola Company has taken a global decision to do more when it comes to the issue of obesity. Around the world, eating and drinking less sugar is an increasingly important issue for many people. Sugar in both foods and beverages can be part of a balanced lifestyle if people don’t have too much. We support the current recommendation by several leading health authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO), that people should limit their intake of added sugar to no more than 10 percent of their total energy/calorie consumption. We’ve begun a journey toward this goal, including reducing the sugar in our Mazoe Syrups and MAZOE ORANGE CRUSH,” Coca Cola said in a statement.


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