‘Our cattle are dying each year, seven to 10 die in that dumpsite’ . . . traumatised Murewa villagers cry foul

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‘Our cattle are dying each year,  seven to 10 die in that dumpsite’ . . . traumatised Murewa villagers cry foul The dumping area


Nyasha Rimbi

VILLAGERS in Murewa Rural District Council’s Ward 9 have put authorities in the area to task over a stinking dumpsite which has been become a breeding zone for different diseases.

The villagers from Chakanyuka and Rimbi are complaining over a landfill site which has become a threat to their health and their well-being.

Speaking to this publication, elders revealed that the dumpsite is situated close to the houses and they can’t eat peacefully, due to houseflies and stench.

“The smell is bad and flies are all over, it’s difficult to eat since flies will be on the food.

“Tatambudzika dai council yatibatsira hutano hwedu hwave panjodzi”, said Mbuya Gutsa.

Another villager, Mbuya Mlambo, said the dumpsite was now affecting their livestock.

“Our cattle are dying each and every year, seven to 10 cattle die in that dumpsite, due to consumption of used pampers and plastics.

“Poison from hardware shops has also become a cause for concern.”

She added: “Council should come up with necessary measures as children are being exposed to health risks of contracting diseases from the dumpsite.

“We fear every day for our children because they are being exposed to a greater health risk.

“They collect everything, in some cases they will consume leftovers like drinks, as the other refuse comes from bars and clubs.”

The villagers said the chemicals from the dumpsite have also led to water pollution.

“Sources of drinking water have deteriorated and we don’t know why our Council chose this site knowing it is a place where humans live.

“We can’t even drink water from our wells and if we want clean water to drink, we move a distance of a kilometre, which is a complete violation of our rights to safe water,” said Willard Mangumba.

He added: “We are also in deep fear of snakes and wild dogs. I encountered many problems from this garbage yard, my son was attacked and got bitten by a wild dog, when he was coming from school.

“Luckily, he is alive because he survived rabies and we are challenging the Council to take all necessary measures to address the situation.”

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