‘Our sweetheart was severely disabled’

MANCHESTER. The parents of Baby G said they baby girl had been left severely disabled as a result of Letby’s attacks.

“What if she outlives us? Who will care for her then?

“Her condition affects every aspect of our lives,” they said.

Baby G was the most premature of all the babies, weighing just 535g (1lb 3oz).

They told the court: “God saved her” but then “the devil found her”.

In a statement, read out on behalf of Baby I’s mother, she said: “When they told us they were arresting someone for [Baby I’s] murder, I remember my whole body shaking.

“We were both absolutely broken that someone could do something so evil to our precious little girl and this has had a massive effect on our family even until this day. I don’t think we will ever get over the fact that our daughter was tortured till she had no fight left in her.

“Everything she went through over her short life was deliberately done by someone who was supposed to protect her and help her come home where she belonged.”

The father of Baby L and Baby M said: “Initially doctors told us that the whole events that took place in 2016 surrounding my children was normal for premature babies and we believed what the doctors were telling us at the time.

“Little did we know that a year or so after their birth the police would come knocking on the door and break the news that this could be an attempted murder case.”

In a video statement, the mother of triplet brothers Baby O and P said going through “firsts” with the surviving triplet was “very hard”.

“I hate the fact that Lucy Letby was the last person to hold Baby P,” she said, adding the nurse had “destroyed our lives”.

Their father said he felt like he had been “stabbed in the heart, no words could describe how I was feeling”. – The Guardian.

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