Outcry over 5 bond notes rejection

15 Feb, 2021 - 08:02 0 Views
Outcry over 5 bond notes rejection


Elizabeth Nyaguyo , H-Metro Reporter

Warren Park residents have expressed worry over the rejection of 5 bond notes by some supermarkets and vendors.

Some of the supermarkets in the area are rejecting the notes and are limiting bond notes to purchases of only 100 bond.


“I am perplexed about what these supermarkets are doing because my monthly salary is coming in the form of Zimbabwean dollars, including these five bond notes they are rejecting.


“Mostly vendors are the ones who are discarding these five bond notes giving excuses,” said one resident identified as Baba Ruvando.


Another resident, Fungai Matare, also said:


“I am worried about this because I am no longer purchasing my groceries in bulk since these supermarkets are limiting bond notes to 100 bond and under,” he said.


A resident living with disability said:


“I am a person who lives with disabilities, I am also worried because now I cannot buy food because the money I get from begging are these five bond notes which are being rejected,” said one Temba Moyo.


“This is a worrisome situation because recently I received my monthly salary which includes these five bond notes and I haven’t purchased food for this month because every supermarket is rejecting these bond notes,” said Mai Chido.


Rugare Mutende said;


“At the bank I was given these Zimbabwean dollars as my salary, but I am now worried since it is lockdown. I don’t know how to go to the bank again to change these five bond notes so that I can buy food for the family,” she said.

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