Outcry over city’s service delivery

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6 February 2019

Talent Gore

Queries have been raised by residents of Hillside, Braeside and Cranborne suburbs over the lucidity of paying rates when there is poor service delivery which results in disease outbreaks.

This is now the fourth week with no garbage collection and residents are now dumping their refuse near Mukuvisi.

Harare City Council’s spokesperson Michael Chideme said prevailing fuel shortages on the market was the main reason why they were not collecting refuse on time.

“We are unable to collect garbage due to the fuel situation in the country, also the fuel price has gone up and we have to sit down as council and adjust our budget,” he said.

Juliet Ngirazi, a resident from Hillside said she no longer relies on refuse collection trucks to come and has sought other solutions.

“I used to wait for the garbage trucks to come long back when they were reliable, but now I am dissatisfied by the way council is operating. We now have our own dumping site though it is illegal.

“I have always been paying my council dues but it hasn’t been beneficial because the service delivery is poor, this begs the question whether I should continue paying,” she said.

Ngirazi said the issue of poor refuse collection was citywide and a looming health risk.

“The issue of poor refuse collection leads to the outbreak of diseases like Cholera, for example I stay close to Mukuvisi river people are coming to dump their garbage here and it’s raining.

“That same garbage is washed away into the river down to Lake Chivero and we get to drink that same water as well,” she said.

Braeside resident, Kelvin Muromo bemoaned the state of the environment in his area and was saddened by a city council which seems to have given up.

“You cannot eat or talk whilst walking past some streets because of the stench that is in the air. People are dumping garbage everywhere.

“The environment is suffering and we are worried that we will be exposed to disease outbreaks or one day I might wakeup with garbage on my doorstep,” said Muromo.

“The President launched the National Clean-up campaign but it seems like the city fathers are not cleaning the city.

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