Overwhelming support for MSU student on US tour

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Overwhelming support for MSU student on US tour Tafadzwa 'Taffie' Matiure


Kimberley Majange, Entertainment Reporter

Dream Star Award winner Tafadzwa “Taffie” Matiure has embarked on a maiden tour of the US where he is promoting his brand.

The 24-year-old crooner, who fuses marimba, mbira and electronic instruments, was on Sunday night billed to perform in Michigan.

Taffie has already held three shows in Indianapolis State, Whidbey and Hood River Oregon and has other four shows set for Whidbey Island on July 22, Bloomington July 28, Indiana August 3 and in Monmouth Oregon at the Zimfest on August 7.

In an interview with H-Metro, Taffie said:

“I am excited to be doing shows here in the US as it is my first time.

“The US had always been a place I really wished to have done my Zimbabwean music activities.”

He is humbled by the support that he is getting so far.

“The overwhelming support I’m getting home and internationally makes me realise the importance of being true to yourself and respecting your identity.

“The support I’m getting is making me feel proud of my identity thanks to this US tour.”

He added:

“From the previous three shows I did I have gained experience.

“I have also managed to be the ever smiling guy and to have a closer connection with the audience because it’s from them that i get good topics to sing about.

“I am majoring on mbira, marimba and singing.

“I have mostly done marimba workshops and collaborated with a guy called Jeff Brahae and we had a camp that ended up with a show on Whidbey Island

“All I can say is I took 100 of my CD’s and they were all sold out.

“I also have supporting acts, well there is a festival called Zim festival and other Zimbabwean musicians like Tafadzwa “Zwa” Gapara will be performing there.”

Taffie also said he would be performing home soon ahead of launching his first EP in November.

“I will be keeping my fans updated on my social network platform,” said Taffie.

Taffie, who is a former student at Zimbabwe College of Music and a current Midlands State University final year Ethnomusicology student, says besides marimba he is also focusing on other projects and is managing them well.

“I am studying music and my first project is my dissertation because I am graduating this year, a video shoot for one of the songs on my EP and another EP which should be ready by 2021.

“I’m managing both because this is part of not only my school but also life. I am just putting into practice what I have learnt at both ZCM and MSU.

“However, there is a lot of pressure but as long as you know what you want famba hako toti toti,” he said.

He said he has an EP to his credit titled Mavambo (The Beginning).

“I have an EP titled Mavambo, which when translated to English means The Beginning and it has four tracks.

‘Since it’s my first EP I decided to call it The Beginning since it’s my begging of something that I really love doing

The first track is Baba Vedu, which is a reflection of the Lord’s Prayer since I am beginning this journey tongo tanga nekunamata that the Lord guide me in my day to day musical activities.

“The second is a traditional called pierce Nehondo, which as a Zimbabwean normally call my prayer because it brings me closer to my identity as a Zimbabwean as a person who believes in his culture and tradition.

Sango is my third track and I am representing the voices that are not heard those who are in need pane vamwe vari muma streets varikutambura but their voices are not heard so I am representing those people acting as a voice to those who are voiceless.

“Mhondoro is also a traditional song done in a choral way designed which I am praising my ancestors who have managed to guide me in my musical journey kuti ndisvike pandiri panapa and at the same time I’m representing every other Zim, who believes in what I believe that if praise their spirits even to Christians too they should praise their spirits too kuti uratidze kuti unotenda as they say, kusatenda huroyi.

“I also have songs like Chitima and Simukayi,” added Taffie.

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