Oxfam committed to typhoid fight

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Oxfam committed to typhoid fight xfam Country Director Machinda Marongwe


10 February 2017

xfam Country Director Machinda Marongwe

Oxfam Country Director Machinda Marongwe

OXFAM says it is committed to work with Government and local authorities in helping avoid the spread of the typhoid which continues to threat human life.

This comes at a time Oxfam partnered Harare for a cleanup campaign in Mbare.

“Oxfam is promoting access to safe water through household water treatment and hygiene promotion both at the community and institutional level.

“In the response, we are exploring various mechanisms of working with local market actors to ensure effective emergency preparedness, response and mitigation.

“At household and community level, let us take proactive action to keep our families safe from diseases; ensuring that the water we drink is safe. “It costs more to deal with sickness than to prevent the disease.

“Communities should make use of available affordable technologies like water guard to be safe.

“While support to communities during the current disease outbreak is ongoing, Government should look at addressing the various underlying issues leading to these disease outbreaks.

“The question we all need to ask is how may we ensure progressive planning and sustainability of efforts within communities to avert such a crisis as this,” said Oxfam Country Director Machinda Marongwe.

Machinda added that it was good for all stakeholders to help in fighting typhoid.

“Both private and public stakeholders in the health sector should work with communities supporting sustainable causes that can help build the communities resilience against disease outbreaks and ensure healthy lifestyles,” added Machinda.

Meanwhile, the Harare City Council has said it will continue to take initiatives to clean up the city and this has seen them giving attention to most waste hot spots.

Acting Harare City Council Monitoring and Evaluation Manager Dorothy Mavolwane said the city had come up with a collection program targeting all illegal dumps in the city.

“The program is targeting all illegal dumps in Harare is being implemented following a mapping exercise which identified all the affected areas.

“There are seven teams across the city which are using the mobilised refuse collection assets to remove all dumps and thereafter council will ensure collection efficiency.

“We have begun the intensive illegal dumps clearance program in most suburbs in Harare to rid the City of dirt which has been accumulating as a result of challenges in collection.

“Our refuse collection assets are aging and as a result we have frequent break downs. We are in the process of acquiring more refuse collection assets to beef up our fleet but in the meantime we have to make do with the available vehicles.

“This program is meant to have a sustainable clean city and collection blitz will be done in all areas whose vehicles are faulty.

“We now have seven teams, have a front end loader and four to five tipper trucks.

“We are also raising awareness in conjunction with the Environmental Management Agency to ensure that we don’t witness the recurrence of dumps in those areas that we have covered,” said Dorothy.

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