Panic buying prevalent

19 Mar, 2020 - 14:03 0 Views
Panic buying prevalent


Bethel Bayanai, H-Metro Reporter

Panic buying is prevalent in various shops after the pronouncement of Covid-19 as a National Disaster and global pandemic.

Products considered essential like food, soap and toilet paper are especially being hoarded as people prepare for any eventuality concerning the Covid-19.

In a survey conducted by H-Metro in various grocery stores, buyers who queued for services expressed dismay over the inconveniences caused in waiting for long at tills as people are buying a lot of goods.

Charmaine Shuro said it was wise to buy basic commodities in bulk as she did not know what tomorrow holds concerning the virus.

“But however not everyone has the resources to stockpile large amounts of goods at a time.

“People who are low-income may not be able to spend large sums on emergency supplies all at once and depend on being able to buy supplies throughout the pandemic,” she said.

However, some shops such as Pick ‘n’ Pay and OK Mart are taking measures to prevent the pandemic. People are being ordered to sanitize their hands before entering into the shop.

In an interview with H-Metro the Trade Centre shop manager said they were in the process of taking measures to control Corona Virus.

“In no time we will also provide hand sanitizers for our customers to apply before they get into our shops.

“It is to our shame to be found responsible for spreading the virus because our customers share trolleys and exchange bank cards with our till operators hence measures are going to be taken,” he said.

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