Panties for female prisoners

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6 February 2019

Yvonne Takawira

A Harare woman has started an initiative to raise panties for the female prisoners at Chikurubi Maximum prison.

The organiser of the initiative, Riana Moss said she was touched by the plight of the female prisoners who sometimes do not have panties to hold pads during their monthly periods since most of them would only have one pant when they are arrested.

Moss said they were looking for new panties.

“Touched by the plight of the vulnerable and poverty stricken, I took it upon myself in 2018 to gather friends and family towards funding the purchase of 300 female panties for female prisoners.

“They were donated to local church which also received other 200 bars of soap, petroleum jelly and sanitary pads.

“The goods were channelled through the church team for quality control and distributed to appropriate persons in need,” said Moss.

This year, due to the ever increasing prices, it was difficult to put together donations hence they started appealing for unwanted but boxed pants.

“Through a small group of ladies, people have new pants which are still boxed and some have donated second hand bras as far as Arcadia which will be channelled to churches which work with prisons.

“The local church has insisted that it will only accept new underwear due to health implications,” she said

“At least two local clothing manufacturers have indicated they could use their off cut materials to make new panties at their factory.

“We were seeking for two panties per prisoner so that they have one to wear while the other is on the line drying,” she added.

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