Parents challenged to protect children

Arron Nyamayaro

PARENTS and guardians have been urged to redouble efforts in ensuring that children are protected.

The call was made by SOS Children’s Village board chairperson, Dr Faith Nyamukapa, at the Hermann Gmeiner High School Prize Giving Day in Bindura on Friday.

“It is not a secret that the responsible authority SOS has the child at heart,” said Nyamukapa.

“We boast of the guidance and counselling departments which ensure that no social mishaps befall on the young learners such as early pregnancies and social mistakes.

“As parents and guardians, we are not doing enough to protect our children from abusing drugs and substances.

“A number of parents are busy looking for money while their children are perishing.

“Let us join together in fighting drug and substance abuse,” she said.

Nyamukapa hailed the teamwork at Hermann Gmeiner High School and was impressed by the goat, poultry and gardening projects being undertaken at the school.

Mashonaland Central Provincial Education Director, Dr Temba Mangwiro, hailed Hermann Gmeiner High School teachers and its supporting staff for transforming the school into a safe refuge for the kids.

“Their exceptional work is amply rewarded by the learners’ remarkable academic performance and outstanding practical and social abilities.

“I like that the school has a system of education that gives students a wide range of possibilities, from academic to technical, from co-curricular to social, in order to develop a learner who is completely equipped and can fit into any academic, social, professional and economic setting,” Dr Mangwiro said.

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