Parents fight over teens’ affair

Milicent Chasinda

AN affair between two teenagers has seen their parents dragging each other to court on allegations of breach of peace and harassment.

Vitalis Ngana’s son and Violet Makanje’s daughter are dating and the girl fell pregnant some time last year when the two were 17 years old.

Makanje applied for a peace order, saying Ngana harasses her by coming to her workplace to insult her.

“Your Worship, I am now living in fear because this man comes to my workplace to insult me. He harasses me saying I failed to give my daughter proper guidance.

“He says that I’m in support of my daughter’s affair with his son.

“I can’t stop them from loving each other. As we speak, my child is pregnant by his son,” said Makanje. Ngani denied the allegations and said that he peacefully approached Makanje to discuss the affair between his son and her daughter.

“My son is still at school. Her daughter follows my son from school to have sexual intercourse him,” said Ngana.

Magistrate Tamari Chibindi dismissed the matter.

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