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PARIRENYATWA Hospital has tightened its security measures following the arrest of more than 30 people masquerading as the institution’s employees.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals spokesperson, Linos Dhire, said unscrupulous people took advantage of their vastness to carry out criminal activities.

“As a hospital, we have close to 4 000 employees, we could be the largest institution in this country in terms of employees working in one place,” he said.

“We have got about 900 patients who are admitted here every day so if you take those people and check how many visitors come here, you will find that there are multitudes of people who come here for different reasons.

“So, for us to then say no crime happens, I think that will be an over expectation from our side. We are bound to have one or two culprits who come into the system, but we have beefed up our security and surveillance at the hospital to ensure that thieves are arrested.

“We are somehow proud that the three bogus doctors who were arrested were caught at the right time and none of them handled any patients, but they were tracked whilst trying to do their shenanigans.”

Dhire said surveillance teams will continue to flush out criminals bent on abusing public trust in the institution.

“We empathise that the hospital has always safeguarded patients and that the 33 people were caught masquerading as Parirenyatwa hospital employees not as fake doctors,” he said.

“This is not the first time that we have caught people who masquerade as hospital employees. But right now it is difficult to talk about security measures because we don’t want a situation whereby we will be alerting thieves on our next move

“One of the things that we are doing is that we are now managing heavy loitering in the hospital. We have realised that there is a lot of traffic here and we do not know most of the people who come to the hospital.”

Dhire added that they were proud that the bogus employees were caught.

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