Parirenyatwa trial resumes

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Parirenyatwa trial resumes David Parirenyatwa


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

IN a bid to revive the State’s case in the ongoing trial of former Minister of Health David Parirenyatwa, the State yesterday recalled the star witness for cross-examination.

Special Unit prosecutor Brian Vito yesterday resumed the trial that had been stopped by Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi by recalling fired Natpharm board chairman, Dr George Washaya.

Washaya had earlier been impeached for going against his statement and exonerating the former minister.

Parirenyatwa is accused of criminal abuse of office after he allegedly directed Washaya to terminate Flora Nancy Sifeku’s contract and replace her with Newman Madzikwa.

Vito discredited Washaya as a witness on the basis that he knew Parirenyatwa from their college days and he had done him a favour of appointing him as Natpharm board chairman without the post being advertised.

In cross examination by Parirenyatwa’s lawyers Advocate Mehta and James Makiya, Washaya confirmed that he had given three versions of what transpired in the case and went back to nailing Parirenyatwa for making an independent decision to appoint Madzikwa without participation of the board.

Washaya told the court that the statement Vito had produced in court was not the one he had signed before the investigators prompting presiding magistrate Elijah Makomo to question whether he was insinuating that the police had forged his signature.

“The statement that I signed was shorter and I can bring it, it’s my signature on both statements but the one signed is much shorter,” said Washaya.

Before granting permission to get the alleged statement, Makomo quizzed Washaya over the signing of the two statements, under what circumstances he had signed them as he had affirmed it was his signature, to which he failed to give a palpable explanation.

Washaya further deviated from his statement testifying that Parirenyatwa had actually directed the board and he was the driving force on the appointment of Madzikwa.

The matter is back in court today for trial continuation.

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