‘Passengers complained about speed’

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‘Passengers complained about speed’ Tarisai Mudahondo


Prisca Manyiwa from Kwekwe

…Zupco accident survivor bares soul

A JOURNALIST who survived the Zupco accident near Kwekwe has said passengers had complained of speeding but the driver paid a deaf ear.

Speaking from a local hospital where she is admitted Bulawayo 24.com journalist Tarisai Mudahondo said the bus started ramming into everything that was in its way until it hit a tree.

“When I arrived at the bus stop my intention was to use private transport but after a few minutes the ZUPCO bus arrived and I decided to board it since there were some empty seats in the bus, little did I know that the bus had its own stories.

“Upon sitting in the bus I heard so many stories of passengers complaining about the speed of the bus which I also experienced within those few minutes I travelled from the bus stop to Truckers Inn where the accident happened.

“The bus was speeding and when we got to Truckers Inn I just saw the bus hitting everything that was on its way including that Honda Fit, the commuter omnibus and finally that tree where it finally stopped,” said Mudahondo.

Mudahondo said she remained seated when the commotion started and only managed to jump through the window when the bus had already stopped.

“I remained seated because I knew that if I stood up I was going to be hurt so I remained calm until the bus stopped after hitting the tree and I jumped through the window.

“I am feeling better now but I still have chest pains and some injuries on my leg,” she said.

The accident happened Monday around 3pm near Truckers Inn and resulted in the death of seven people on the same day. Some of the victims of the accident are receiving medical treatment in different hospitals in the Midlands Province and beyond depending on the magnitude of their injuries.

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