Passion literature writer cashes in on lockdown

23 Apr, 2020 - 12:04 0 Views
Passion literature writer cashes in on lockdown Clever “Marx Stories” Meki


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

EROTIC writer Clever “Marx Stories” Meki says he is earning a living through entertaining people during this lockdown period.

The Dzivaresekwa based entertainer claims he is buttressing the relationships of married people during this lockdown period.

“I am entertaining people during this period.

“I do understand that it’s boring to stay home doing nothing all day and night so I am taking advantage of the situation to entertain married people.

“My teachings are mending the relationships which were already fading.

“I write stories to educate and entertain people at the same time,” he said.

He added:

“I am receiving money from different people after finding my stories useful.

“I am paying rentals and put food on the table for my family through interesting stories.

“People pay me when I conduct teachings to the couples and also when I teach men how to handle women.

“After reading Marx Stories people are booking and I correct their mistakes so that they live  happy marital lives.”

Jabu also told this publication that lockdown people is the time for people to reflect about their lives.

“Married people should take this golden opportunity to strengthen their relationships.

“It’s a one-time opportunity and the chance will not be given again in our life time.

“It’s time for us to bond with our families and see how best we can grow our love despite the fact that we have been disturbed economically.”

He is well known for writing stories like Ngatifadzei Madzimai, Hatina Kuvinga Sadza and Anodaro akashairwa nguva among others.

Erotic literature comprises fictional and factual stories as well as accounting eros-passionate.

Jabu also encouraged people to observe social distances and follow orders from President to avoid unnecessary movements in a bid to combat Covid-19.

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