Pastor Charamba confident of church

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Pastor Charamba confident of church


1 November 2018

The first family of gospel music Pastor Charles Charamba and wife Olivia have managed to cast their nets wider by founding their church called Rooted in Christ Ministries.

H-Metro’s ADORATION BIZURE spoke to Pastor Charamba who opened up on his aspirations, his new spiritual journey, his musical career as well as his relationship with his now former church, Apostolic Faith Mission.

Pastor Charles Charamba and wife Olivia

Q: How is your new move affecting your musical career?

A: We are just diversifying. It’s one and the same call. The caller remains the same. Our style of preaching is Pashoko Pangoma, we will deploy our energy on both aspects. For us the two are not strange to each other, so music continues.

Q: Is the service on the 4th of November going to be your first service or you had already started conducting services?

A: We have been holding prayer sessions at our home. The service on the 4th of November is going to be our first official gathering, but not the launch per se.

The launch will happen later in the year. We are starting small, in a lecture room, we are not sure of the numbers.

Q: You have been fellowshipping with AFM for a long time, is your move influenced by the current challenges AFM is facing?

A: We are forever grateful to the leadership of this great church: we salute its general membership and its leadership internationally.

Our move is not in any way influenced by the said challenges. For the record, Mai Charamba’s song I Must Work (Jn 9:4) explains the nature and shape of our pathway. We are purpose oriented. It’s all about fulfilling a divine mandate. We were not positioned to clash with anyone, our principle, time and focus couldn’t allow.

Q: What is your relationship with the leadership at AFM church?

A: We have not been offended by the church. The whole leadership loves us and we love and respect all of them. We just answering to a call.

Q: Are you planning to opening other branches anytime soon?

A: We will have do so if the Spirit leads us that way. Our primary focus is related to ministering to someone’s life for transformation. Numbers are not going to be a major goal. We expect numbers on the musical front but we are not going to be ashamed if we preach to ten souls. Souls matter, numbers don’t!

Q: You are one of the biggest gospel musician in Zimbabwe and you have a lot of fans, is it okay for your fans to come expecting to listen to music?

A: They may get to hear us sing, however, we won’t have turn the gatherings into concerts.

The Fishers of Men band is made up of individuals from different denominations and they are not going to be forced to partner with us. They should worship where they want. While we are going to do much preaching and teaching, we definitely can’t have an Easter service with no Machira Chete or Last Supper. We will appeal to our fans for patience as we shall need to grow into this.

Q: What inspired you to name the church rooted in Christ ministries?

A: To be sincere, we grew to be who we are through listening, reading and applying the Word of God in our lives. We seek to impart knowledge, share the word more. Each church ministry is called to function in a peculiar manner. Our major thrust shall simply revolve around evangelism, and teaching for understanding.

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