‘Pastor Charamba, Minister Mahendere are torch -bearers’

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‘Pastor Charamba, Minister Mahendere are torch -bearers’ Tafadzwa Ncube



HELLO H-Metro readers and gospel music followers,

I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to share my experiences with my old and new fans.

Of course I am still trying to carve my way to the top but I believe I have plenty to share with fans.

In my journey as a musician, producer and scout, I have seen quite a low which I believe will inspire others. Read on…


My name is Tafadzwa Ncube White but many in my circles call me Lasper, a stage name which is now popular with fans.

I was born in Zhombe, Midlands province in the year 1995.

After my birth, I grew up at Humana People To People Shamva, Mashonaland Central.

I did my primary education in two schools – Sengezi Primary School in Zhombe and Enterprise Primary School in Shamva.

I then did my high at Macymbe in the same area.

Afterwards, I decided to move to Bindura in the year 2016, the same year that I opened my recording studio.

Professionally, I am a music producer and choreographer who have been doing gospel music for the greater part of my life.

I play live instruments and I am also a mentor to young gospel artistes.

I’m a producer at my own recording studio and I do video filming and production.


At only 24, I have a lot of dreams that I want to fulfil should God permits.

As an artiste, my vision is to grow as far as possible and in the near future hopefully I will realise video album.

But more than anything, I desire not just to sing songs but to change stories, that my music may lift burden, preach the gospel.

And I desire to be ministering at big platforms and bringing people to get an understanding of God’s love through music.


Regarding my calling as a musician, I can safely say I was raised in Christian background.

I was largely taught the ropes by my late uncle called Terminus Msindo who was a musician.

It was my same uncle who taught me how to sing, compose songs as well as to pray to God.

He taught me to believe that as long as your heart is in the right place and then there’s no reason to give up.

I realised that never going to be an easy road, there will be rejection, there’s going to be discouragement, but remember that 40 years in the wilderness did not take Canaan away, in due season it will work out as long as you keep moving.

Regarding my passion, I started singing at a tender age since I come from a music family.

I was inspired to pursue my dream as a singer since I came from a music family where singing had become a staple.


I was inspired by Minister Mahendere and Pastor Charles Charamba.

The two gospel stalwarts are more than gospel artistes but preachers who are changing people’s lives.

Musically, they have played a big role in guiding us.

In my case they have taught me to remain focused no matter how tough the life can be.

Another role model who inspired me a lot is the late national hero Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi.

His music was mature and he would take his time composing it before it’s release to the.

Tuku was a greater teacher whose music touched both Christians and non-believers.

His music is timeless and set to appeal to future generations.


I might not be a superstar at the moment but I am happy with the progress that I have made as an artiste.


When I reflect on the journey I have travelled, ddinoona kuti ndatosiyana naLasper wekare uye ndave munhu akuonekwao panevamwe.

Uye kuburikidza nekushumira Mwari ndinoona zvinhu zvangu zvichifamba zvakanaka.

However, I don’t do competition but I just try to be original without competing wht others.


Like any other artistes, I am not happy with the airplay on national radio.

However, I won’t lose heart but I hope they will play me one day.

What give me the courage to and confidence that I will dominate the airwaves is the quality of music I compose.

As they say, ‘you an’t keep a good man down for ages’  I hope my time will come.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, I can’t hold news as we used to do  and it hard to reach out to many people.

To ensure that I reach out to many people, I am also trying to utilise other social media platforms like my Facebook page, YouTube channel and I’m on instagram as well as  on WhatsApp .


To date, I have four albums to my credit  and 37 singless.

I am looking forward to release my 2020 album later this month.

As for the names of my albums, they compirse  Amai Vaye rereleased in  2016,  Chiriko chikomo (2017), Changamire Muponesi (2019) and Mapopoma 2020.

I have achieved all this owing to the support I get from my financier, Boss Kangara.


As a gospel artiste, I urge my fellow in this genre to have faith in God all the time.

Put simply in Shona, I say ‘kuvaimbi vegospel vese ndinongoti isai Mwari pamberi mari yozotevera nekuda kwekuti vaimbi vakawanda vakunyanya kukoshesa mari kuofuura Mwari’.


On a parting short, I would like to thank my mum and dad for the support they are giving me.

I also want to thank Prophet Jeffrey and Boss Kangara as well as producer Lyton Ngolomi for being there for me.

I thank you!

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