Pastor Charamba’s Covid-19 plea

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Pastor Charamba’s Covid-19 plea Baba Charamba


‘…don’t experience with death’

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

PASTOR Charles Charamba’s heart bleeds for people who are still skeptical about the Covid-19 vaccination.

The Fishers of Men leader, who publicly got his jab along with his wife Olivia in April, said negativity against the inoculation exercise will only bring more tears than cheers.

Mai Charamba

The 50-year-old said while people will certainly die in the fullness of time, it was unfortunate that some have decided to take short cuts to the grave by dodging free vaccination.


Prior to his interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, the Zim Gospel stalwart took to his social media handle where he wrote:

Hama, ngatirege kuti ndiri kuda kuona kuti ndikasa vaccinetwa zvinoita sei.


Beloved, vaccination is better experimenting with than death.


We shall all die in God’s fullness of time but let’s not choose to do so outside His time. Let’s get vaccinated.


The Good Samaritan in Jesus’ story left the patient under medical care.”


Buttressing his view point, Pastor Charamba said Covid-19 was real and procrastination for vaccination was a recipe for disaster.


“My advice to the people who are delaying to be vaccinated waiting for what will happen to them is that they need to spot experimenting with death.


“As a pastor, I’m not only preaching the good news about the gospel but in these trying times we urge our people to be vaccinated,” he said.


Pastor Charamba said his post came in the wake of the more virulent Delta variant claiming lives.


“It’s sad that we are burying people on daily basis, it’s sad if one were to look at the statistics that are rising.


“As a social influencer, I am preaching what is on the ground and I don’t know why people are so sceptical about the vaccine.


“Like I said before, we have been vaccinated at a young age to combat other pandemics and we have no choice this time around.


“I therefore urge people to play their part and get the vaccine since we are dealing with death in our midst,” he said.


He however said he would not blame some of those who have divergent views on vaccination adding that only time will tell.


“I don’t blame those who have other beliefs when it comes to vaccination but it is my hope they will soon realise how important it is to get vaccinated.


“My only fear is that they might realise this while it is too late or they might not have a chance to be vaccinated after dying of the pandemic.


“As preachers, we won’t stop preaching about it, those who are going to take my advice seriously will see the benefits of what we are teaching today,” he added.


Pastor Charamba  and his wife Olivia are some of the influencers that have been encouraging people to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 pandemic.


The first family of Zim Gospel has been holding their awareness campaigns on their social media pages.


With the third wave claiming more lives, the Charambas reckons it’s never late for citizens to get vaccinated and achieve the herd immunity.


All this can be achieved one citizens are in compliance with the free vaccination programme, added Pastor Charamba.





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