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‘. . . He didn’t pay lobola’
‘. . . He used to butcher her’

Takawira ‘Photovet’ Dapi

End Time Messages Church Pastor Daniel Mutowembwa recently ordered his daughter to come back home because her husband had not paid lobola.
The husband is Eria Tembo, son to the late Zimbabwe international musician Biggie Tembo. H-Metro got in touch with him and he claimed his wife was forcibly taken from him.

He blamed a rival suitor, Mind Chibanda, of sponsoring the whole fiasco.

“Mai Michael (Faith Mutowembwa) is my wife. Mind Chibanda is the boyfriend. I Am hurt so much because Mind Chibanda (a businessman) is using money to destroy my family, he took my wife and kids, as a result of lust.
Truth be told, I am on his back and revenge is along the way .I will do my level best to recover my lost treasure..peace shall never be his until he admits that he is an agent of darkness. “Again, The funny part is that pastor Daniel Mutowembwa (father to my wife, faith) is the pastor of end time message …a strong disciple to the doctrine of pastor Gumbura, he is the one behind all this drama, all for money and riches.”

“I got married to Faith Mutowembwa in 2017 and we were a small happy family living in Zimre Park. On January 5 2018 God blessed us with a baby boy whom we named Michael Tinodaishe Tembo. On the 6th of May 2020, once again God blessed me with a baby girl. “However on the 17th of the same month, my wife went to her parents’ place to recover after giving birth to our daughter.

“The surprising part, during delivery Mai Michael confessed that her mom wasn’t happy and she didn’t like the idea of a new baby borns to us. Moreover, surprisingly on the 25th of the same month she appeared home in the company of her mother asking to collect all her stuff . “This came as a shock to me but I complied as it is with the Shona culture to always respect in-laws especially at a time like that. She explained that her father commanded that she returns home.
“Little did I know that I was slowly being substituted. To them I wasn’t fit enough to be their son in-law.

“The issue of not paying the full lobola was just an excuse,” narrated Tembo.
“I knew it wasn’t an issue of lobola but rather Faith’s long time boyfriend was showing up in the picture. Being a businessman as he is, money and power was all he could use to destroy my innocent family.
“Although she denies it to me i have proof that on the 19th of the same month they used Chibanda’s car to carry my wife from home to her parents’ place.
“It all came to light when I searched the driver’s name on Facebook and discovered that he was an employee to Chibanda, an indication that my wife and this guy were constantly communicating.
“After that, my wife changed her line and subsequently, I was now being replied by Chibanda claiming that my wife was his and that my newly born baby is also his blood…imagine, prior to the birth of the baby as an artist I had already composed a song of Thanksgiving to God appreciating him for my family and the new baby..I even gave her the name Jermaima in that song…only to be told that she is not mine but CHIBANDA’S and they even went on to change her name…
“Imagine the kind of pain that these wicked people made me go through!
“Being a responsible father, I texted my wife to get feedback on the well being of my youngsters but the response was just painful. She sent me a picture of herself together with the boyfriend in bed and asked me not to disturb them.”
Tembo said he now wants a DNA test to ascertain that he is not Jermaima’s father.
He said he leaves everything to God “for he is my only hope of a better future.”
He wants to concentrate on his music career and hopes for better fortunes.
“I am working hard to defend the BHUNDU LEGACY and I will not allow the devil to bring bhundu legacy to ashes. One of my closest friends Francis Gwatidzo aka FG Commander is the closest witness to all this stuff happening around me and I thank God he is there for me and together we will bring something from nothing regardless of all these challenges.
“I have new projects to be released soon and one of the tracks entitled MUCHATO was inspired by these incidences.” he said.
Faith denied being with any boyfriend saying she was by her parents.
She gave her parents the phone to confirm her whereabouts.
Her mother Tsitsi confirmed that they got Faith back from Tembo, “Yes i was sent by my husband VaMutowembwa to retrieve our daughter from the trauma she has been living in since she got married.
“I can’t even call it marriage as Eria Tembo never paid a cent as respect semunhu anemwana wevanhu” fumed Tsitsi.
Faith’s father, Pastor Mutowembwa, said Tembo used to physically abuse her,
“I could not watch witnessing my daughter being butchered by stranger, day and night. It’s not an in law because that man never paid me a cent as lobola or any gesture of respect, I have my child here at my home not zvarikunyepa izvo,” he said.
Faith said her ex husband’s version of events is a lie.
“Eria is a liar, go and ask where he used to work at Amnesty International, we stayed near their offices, they know all the abuse he used to expose me to which is the reason why he was fired by them because I think you know that, that organization is for human rights. I can not give you Mind` s number because haa zvonetsa, hazvifarire, he is a businessman anezvinhu zvake, zvetunyaya twenhemha tusinabasa utwu haaa, I can’t give you his mobile. Plus I can’t meet Eria he can” she said.

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