Zvikomborero Parafini 

FAITH Ministries International pastor, Kudzai Ngoni Nyamasoka, was dragged to court yesterday after being fingered in a dispute over a piece of land which is opposite his church in Mbare.

Nyamasoka appeared before magistrate, Dennis Mangosi, who released him on US$200 bail

The complainant is the State, represented by Milion Sambona, in his capacity as District Officer for Mbare.

Allegations are that in January this year, Faith Ministries International were embroiled in a dispute over a piece of land adjacent to its church.

It was temporarily leased to True Believers International Ministries by the City of Harare. 

Prior to the stand being leased to True Believers, Faith Ministries International was using it as a car park for its congregants.

The court heard that in March, Faith Ministries unsuccessfully applied for the same land, as an extension of their church stand.

Thereafter, Faith Ministries International, through Nyamasoka, embarked on victimisation of members of True Believers International Ministries. 

The accused would engage unknown individuals, who would purport to be police and intelligence officers, to ld harass members of True Believers International Ministries, and Council officials, to vacate the stand.

Last month, Nyamasoka allegedly started calling Council officials purporting to be someone called Phiri, an official from ZACC, warning them to rescind the allocation of the stand to True Believers International Ministries. 

He allegedly also called John Chitumba, who is a pastor at True Believers International Ministries, and introduced himself as Phiri, a ZACC official.

On May 10, Nyamasoka sent a letter to the District Officer, warning him to stop allocating the land to the rival church, as the matter was being investigated by ZACC.

He delivered the letter  to the City of Harare Mbare District Office.

Thomas Chanakira appeared for the State.

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