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Latwell Nyangu and Laura Maposa
A WATERFALLS-based pastor stands accused of kicking his wife of 26 years from their home following a misunderstanding.

Pastor Floyd Matondo (63) shocked residents when he kicked out his wife Annah and threw her belongings outside the house.

The source of their misunderstanding could have emanated from their failure to bear children.

Annah has since reported the matter at Waterfalls Police Station, under RRB 5369507, and a docket, under CRB 3211122, has been prepared.

Annah told H-Metro that it has been two months since she last slept on their matrimonial bed.

“I have been married to this man for the past 26 years, but we don’t have kids together.

“Last Sunday I left for church, leaving my husband and his sister at home.

“When I returned home, I saw a van parked outside.

Amai vemusika then told me that she saw people moving my property outside. My husband’s brother was also present when l arrived.

“But, before this incident, it had been two months since we shared the matrimonial bed,” she said.

Annah said Floyd’s other sister, only identified as Moleen, had ordered her to move into the spare room.

“I suspect that it was always their plan to chase me.

“His siblings and mother obviously connived to get me out. My husband has always had a drinking problem, but he never showed signs of wanting to evict me.

“I slept in the garage because all the doors were locked.

“I think he has found someone else or he has always planned to dump me.

“I haven’t received my property and handitozive kwayiri nanhasi,” she said.

When contacted for comment, Floyd questioned why H-Metro was asking him questions.

“I do not know what you are talking about.

“Who asked you to ask me? Talk to my lawyer over the incident,” Floyd said.

A source told H-Metro that a lot has been happening.

“I know they have been together for many years, but they have no children.

“Apparently, that’s the source of their problems.

“The man has no children, while the woman has a child from a previous relationship.

“He graduated as a pastor at Faith Ministries three weeks ago,” the source said.

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