Pastor sues violent wife

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Pastor sues violent wife


13 March 2019

A pastor claims his wife insults him in front of the congregants.

Talent N’ono opened up at Harare Civil Court where he applied for peace order against Chido N’ono whom she accused of violent behaviour.

“She is my wife, but she insults me in front of the congregants saying that I am not taking good care of her and the children.

“She came to church during testimony time and took the microphone by force from the Mc as if she wanted to testify but to insults me.

“I am the one opted out from our matrimonial home to stay with my younger brother to avoid her insults but she attend all church services to harass and humiliate me in front of the congregants,” he said.

Talent added;

“I do not want her to insult me in front of the congregants as I want to do the work of God in peace.

“I am no longer in a position to solve other couples issues because of my wife’s behaviour.”

Chido denied the allegations.

“I never insulted him, he is the one who opted out because of my illness and he is not taking good care of us.

“I didn’t harass him at his church; I was just asking money for the food and school fees.

“I neither travel nor carry 20 litres of water because of my illness so how can I go to his church every Sunday to insult him,” she said.

Talent responded;

“I am taking good care of them, every Sunday I bought grocery for them.

“I have some audios that she has insulted me for nearly 48 minutes on the phone.”

Presiding Magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the peace order in Talent’s favour.

Chido was ordered not to verbally abuse Talent.





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