Patoranking: I’m not here to clash

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Patoranking: I’m not here to clash Patoranking


. . . All set for tonight’s gig

Charmaine Chasweka, Entertainment Reporter

AWARD-WINNING Nigerian musician Patoranking yesterday said he did not come to Zimbabwe to compete with anyone.

The reggae-dancehall icon said this at a press conference held in the capital.

“I did not come here to clash with any artiste I only came here to make my fans happy.

“I love Zimbabwe and I can safely say right now I am nine months pregnant, I am ready and can’t wait to deliver tonight,” he said.

Patoranking also said that he loves Zimbabwean music and he listens to it especially Zim dancehall.

“I am a big fan of Zimdancehall, I listen to it every now and then I guess it’s a good look for the culture.

“It’s a different sound that has some originality in it, I love how most Zim dancehall artistes do not try to sing like Jamaicans.

“I have worked with Jah Prayzah before I love his music as well as Winky D and Nutty O, I believe Nutty O is the future of Zimdancehall.

“I know I came in early for the show but it has given me a chance to mingle with my fans and meeting some from the ghetto,” he said.

However, Zimdancehall icon Winky has been known to outclass various foreign musicians on stage but Pato promised his fans fireworks and more fireworks.

“I have always wanted to come and perform in Zimbabwe and I’m really excited to be here and seeing the love you all have shown me, I am really humbled.

“Ever since I started singing dancehall I was always a close follower of Bob Marley, I have been trying to follow his footsteps in my music career.

“He is my mentor and when I heard he performed in Zimbabwe, I told myself I should also follow that path and that’s what really inspired me to come here.

“I am here to do what I do best and that is giving the best performance,” he said.

Meanwhile organisers of the show, Kayse Connect have confirmed that all is set for tonight’s gig and so far everything is going according to plan.

“Patoranking’s band arrived early yesterday and the man of the show himself arrived midday with DJ Humility.

“All our local artistes are available for the show and are ready for tonight; everyone is excited and the hype for the show is amazing.

“The ticket sales are going really well especially after Patoranking went around town greeting everyone, it hyped up ticket sales for the gig.

“The tickets are running out fast at our designated ticket sales places but the good thing is they will also be some being sold by the gate tonight.

“If you are not at HICC tonight then I don’t where else you would be, it’s on tonight!” said one of the organisers.

This gig will accommodate everyone as it has united artistes from all genres to perform live on stage

“The show will be graced by live performances from our very own local musicians like Jah Prayzah, Winky D, Jah Signal, Suluman Chimbetu, Takura, Ex Q, Ishan the hottest Dj’s in town are also coming through, Dj Selecta, Dj Chrxn, Dj C. Skills and the Shabach the Band will also give a solo performance on stage for the first time.

“We appreciate the love everyone has shown us, from the press, the crowd even Pato himself is excited and he showed it at the press conference, mingling with this fans and seeing people, he loves that.

“RehearsalS started yesterday and will be ongoing until the show, everything is set,” said one of the organisers.

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