Patoranking lives up to promise

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Patoranking lives up to promise


. . . local artistes deliver

Charmaine Chasweka

Nigerian star Patoranking managed to put up a polished show on Friday night at HICC and pulled out an amazing crowd as he lived up to his promise.

Earlier on when the dancehall-reggae icon arrived in Zimbabwe, he told the press that he had not come to clash with any local artiste but only to deliver and win the hearts of Zimbabweans.

Patoranking put up a polished act at the HICC last Friday night

Patoranking performed after local dancehall stalwart Winky D, who left the crowd clamouring for more.

Winky D is well-known for his energy-sapping drills but despite raising the bar so high, Patoranking still managed to capture the crowd and maintain the momentum.

Winky D was joined by Gemma Griffiths on stage to perform their duet – Mugarden

The sequence of the artistes’ line-up gave a brilliant build-up to Pato’s performance.

Sungura musician Suluman Chimbetu, kicked off the night with a great performance as other artistes like Kure hit makers Ishan and Ti Gonzi followed executing their sing along number.

Suluman Chimbetu kicked off the night with a great performance

Hip-hop and trap star, Takura went a notch further as he represented the hip-hop family with his catchy “sing alongs” as well.

Jah Signal (Siggy) was the first Zimdancehall artiste to take the stage and the chanter did not disappoint as always, he captivated the crowd with his Stonyeni songs and his jumping antics, which always leave fans amazed.

Prior to his set, Ex Q had also put up a spirited performance chaining out hits like Nzenza, and Musikanzwa among others.


Patoranking’s favourite Zimbabwean musician Nutty O who has a promising future in international dancehall, followed as he initiated the crowd into dancing mode with his hit song Boom Shelele and more.

Dominant contemporary musician who had the crowd waiting for his performance, Jah Prayzah, finally seized the stage and naturally delivered an exhilarating performance winning the crowd who sang along to most of his songs that have grown to be street anthems.

The show hosts Merciless Zimbabwe and Butterfly couldn’t have done a better job, they continuously enticed the audience and kept the energy oozing in the crowd.

Merciless Zimbabwe mobilised the crowd in preparation for a similarly much awaited performer of night Winky D who then followed after Jah Prayzah and stormed out from back stage with his song green like a garden.

Gemma Griffiths managed to surprise the crowd as she came to share the stage with Winky and performed their smash hit Mu Gadern.

The surprise was however a two way thing, Gemma spent most of her time on stage in disbelief of the love she was being shown by the wild audience.

The man of the night, Patoranking finally made it to the stage and had the crowd screaming for him. He had a lazy start to his performance as he performed unpopular songs whilst trying to fix sound problems.

When all was sorted the Nigerian star got back the crowd’s attention and captured the hearts of many through honouring the late Zimbabwean music icon Oliver Mtukudzi.

Pato owned the song Tozeza Baba which brought back memories of deceased.

He even wore a t-shirt inside his stunning outfit that had an image of Tuku on it.

The crowd sang along and screamed even more for the musician, everyone was overwhelmed.

Despite him being naturally a humble person, indeed Patoranking left a mark and won more followers from Zimbabwe.

From that tribute performance, everything went smooth sailing for the star as the crowd was now much more alive and sang along and danced to the rest of his songs.

Jah Prayzah and his Third Generation band in action

During his set, Pato also called Jah Prayzah on stage and the duo performed their song Follow me and the two lit the stage whilst doing the Shaku Shaku dance that made them even more enchanting.

Overall, the Ikonic Concert was quite an experience for everyone who attended there was clearly no room for disappointment.

There was undeniably a bulk attendance as the crowd virtually filled the whole of HICC.

Patoranking himself took to his social media several times and expressed his love for Zimbabwe, “Thank you Zimbabwe, Ndonokudai” he wrote on his Twitter.

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