‘Pay back her money’

Gamuchirai Bhachi

A HARARE woman demanded a refund of US$120 she was duped by a fellow vendor at the Tobacco Sales Floor. 

Talent Mugandari told the Small Claims Court that she had given the money to Ruth Kuvengwa to buy a vending table for her.

“I gave her US$120 to buy a table for me and I didn’t get the table, and want my money back,” said Talent.

Ruth said she did not squander Talent’s money.

“I paid US$120 to the table owner and it was delivered. But she complained that it did not attract customers because it was at the end.

“I promised to give her back the money out of mercy after she was given the table,” said Ruth.

Ruth pleaded with the court to be given more time to look for the money because she is a breastfeeding mother and wasn’t working at the moment.

Magistrate Mandlenkosi Ndlovu ordered Ruth to pay back the money.

“Pay her back her money before September 8,” said magistrate Ndlovu.

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