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Shalom Manguni, H-Metro Reporter

Minister of Energy and Power Development Fortune Chasi has warned electricity consumers to stop the blame game and pay bills to ensure supply.

He reiterated the warning during an Annual Energy Innovations Summit held in the capital yesterday.

Minister Chasi urged the public to work hand in hand with the Government in addressing power shortages in the country.

“Most of us have taken power for granted in the past and there is need to exercise discipline in paying bills, people quite happy to pay nothing for ZESA and expect that the business is going to continue.

“It’s not going to continue because if ZESA is unable to meet its liabilities, unable to buy spares that are necessary, they will not be able to perform and function.

“It’s not a one man game, unfortunately we are still at a stage where we are playing the blame game.

“If it’s a blame game, let’s blame everyone because most of us are consumers, be it small consumers, local and industrial consumers.

“ZESA is in a tight spot, bills must be paid, and no company can continue to function if debts are mounting 1, 2 billion,” Minister Chasi said.

He added:

“If you want ZESA to continue in business, pay your bills, our attitudes towards power supply challenges in the country has to change.

“We have to work together as a country and each person has a role to play.

“A lot of work which is happening in Hwange is very promising and we hope that it will sort out all these issues, but let me say that hope has never been a strategy, we cannot sit and hope that things will change

“Clearly what is needed is joining hands and working together on how we generate power, how we consume it, how we conserve it and how we generate it.”

Minister Chasi encouraged the public to move to solar energy as a way to deal with power cut challenges.

“The Ministry is encouraging the public to adapt to solar energy.

“As Government we expect you as individuals to be producers of power not just consumers, you give yourself greater financial freedom based on the amount of how you going to save from producing power.

“The Ministry wishes to assure the country that the Government is working tirelessly to address these issues and we are confident that once the projects are completed we will begin to see the shortages phasing out.

“Government is working towards these problems, we urge both domestic and industrial consumers to play their part, especially on paying their electricity bills,” he added.


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