Pay ZESA to end crisis – Minister

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Pay ZESA to end crisis – Minister Minister Chasi


Tariroyashe Goredema, H-Metro Reporter

…Minister Chasi speaks on load shedding

Government has spoken on the energy situation in the country and says solutions are in place to curb the load-shedding crisis.

Energy and Power Development Minister Fortune Chasi said corporates and individuals should also pay their debts to ZETDC for the situation to improve.

The minister was responding to questions from the media at the 22nd Cabinet Briefing held yesterday.

“There have been some developments over the past days and we need to deal with the demand and supply sides of power.

“We need investors in our country as our vision is to export power to other countries in the future.

“The government has paid its 20 million bill and we urge other members of the public to do the same with their ZESA bills,” he said.

Addressing the media, Chasi responded to the issue of strategies to be implemented in terms of collecting debts considering the country had many companies and households that owe ZESA.

“Power generation is essential to economic development and we have to make sure that ZESA is viable.

“Huge amounts are owed by industries, local authorities and we need to pay our debt,” said Chasi.

Chasi also spoke on the issue of meters which are yet to be installed in many areas.

“We are planning to install meters and I would like to know the exact number of houses which are to be installed.

“Some of the cash which we received from the government will be used to secure meters,” said Chasi.

Chasi said Kariba as our main source of power is at critical level which is beyond control.

“Kariba is now at 28% as this is the reference from the electrical engineers.

“We hope to have a massive rainy season to be able to reach the maximum level, its disadvantaging us because it is our only source of power and we can never control it,” said Chasi.

Chasi informed members of the public that there should be 400 megawatts from ESKOM set to be brought to the country.

“The 10 million dollars which was paid to ESKOM will be able to cover at least 400 megawatts to sustain the load shedding.

“We will however inform the public on the exact amount of power we will receive as they are our neighbors and we help each other in times of crisis,” said Chasi.



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