Pencil artist appeals for help

Maria Chiguvari

HATCLIFFE-based pencil artist, Trinkoh Arts, is desperate for working space to compile his collections.

The 21-year-old claims he has been using his bed as a table.

“I’m Trinkoh Arts, aged 21, who is into pencil drawing, a journey started in 2021 after completing my Ordinary Level in 2020.

“I’ve done a lot of collections for Zimbabwean celebrities and they are all appreciated as many have posted my works on their social media platforms for me to get some customers.

“Masvingo is my hometown but currently I stay in Hatcliffe, Harare,” he said.

He appealed for well-wishers to come to his rescue.

“The other thing is that I need to have good management because now I don’t have a manager, I manage my work.

“I wish I get a sponsor, who can help me to have an office somewhere like in Helensvale, Borrowdale, I think my talent will grow, changing my life.

Trinkoh Arts

“If I get those things, I will become a big artist here in Zimbabwe and I wish to be recognised internationally representing Zimbabwe and our continent Africa.”

Like any other artist, Trinkoh Arts has his role models.

“I always get inspired by Keith Zenda and some of the artists from other countries.

“In our arts industry, artists need an office where artwork is displayed and for clients to come and place their orders.

 “What I want to tell some other artists is that they must not give up on their talent because the sky is not even the limit for an artist,” he said.

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