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Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

WHILE the country is aiming to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, it is business as usual in most suburbs.

A number of people in various suburbs have continued disregarding Covid-19 regulations, with most businesses opening their premises when customers arrive; sneaking them in.


Big bakeries are also delivering bread to banned premises such as tuckshops. Under Level 4 Lockdown, only supermarkets are allowed to operate, but it is business as usual for most tuckshops in high density areas.


A survey by H-Metro in the past few days has revealed drinking sprees were the norm in most suburbs, despite the ban on alcohol sale in bottle stores, bars, night clubs and supermarkets.


Offenders simply run away when police arrive and then gather when the law enforcement agents leave.


Some vendors are also making their way back into town, only to be rounded up by municipal police officers, but they always continue with their duties. One of the vendors, Mai Mbuso of Highfield, said she had been playing hide and seek with law enforcers since the commencement of Level 4 lockdown.


“We were caught unprepared and if I remain indoors my children will starve,” said Mbuso. “Holiday sucked much of our savings and we were not given enough time to store food,” she said while displaying her goods.


At Chigovanyika Shopping Centre in St Mary’s, it was business as usual as clothing and food vendors competed for clients.


“Mdara siya vanhu vashande ava vanhu vane nzara mudzimba umu macamera ndeeiko apa,” said one of the vendors.


At Mbudzi Roundabout, traffic police officers were kept busy as the volume of traffic leaving the city increased following close of business at 3pm.

Assistant Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi urged people to exercise caution.


“Most people observe lockdown measures when police arrive and they seem ignorant of failure to abide by the measures that it affects their health. “Covid-19 is real and it needs everyone to take part to contain the pandemic.


“People should not wait for police to arrive for them to observe social distancing, wearing masks and other measures; it should be a concerted effort,” Ass Comm Nyathi said.


Government announced Level 4 national lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19 following an increase in deaths and positive cases recorded countrywide.


The country recorded around 100 deaths in the past week, with the total number of deaths accumulating to 528, while the recovery rate has been declining over the past few weeks.

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