Quinton Rusero

AFTER launching his second album titled Dzidza Makasa, it appears Matthew Peregu is now making an impact on the sungura scene.

The album was launched at East Point n Harare last month. 

Fans appear united that Peregu did his homework.

Some buses now even have ‘Dzidza Makasa’ stickers.

Dr Johannes Marisa splashed US$2 000 to buy the album when it was launched.

“Matthew is going to rule in sungura music only if he is managed well,” said Dr Marisa.

 Sungura music fans have been blown away by Dzidza Makasa, which has been generating a lot of positive comments on social media.

 In an interview with H-Metro, Perego said:

 “The sky is the limit, I am keeping on with the hard work and dedicating my work to improve my skills on a daily basis. 

“I am happy with the progress made so far, keep on supporting Matthew Perego.

 “People are enjoying the music and the name is growing.”

Perego said the support from the fans has been inspiring his musical group.

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