Peter basks in glory

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Peter basks in glory Peter Moyo


Rest Mutore, Entertainment Reporter

WHEN Peter Moyo released his fourth album – Mwana WeMurozvi –  over a month ago, it was received with mixed feelings.

The debate that took showbiz circles by storm saw some music critics describing the project as a step backwards by the Utakataka front man while others stood in his corner.

The response from fans, however, appears to have put the debate to an end, if the turnout at his shows is anything to go by.

Peter has been performing before full houses since the release of the new album, which he believes is the right endorsement he has been waiting for.

After the album launch on May 30, he staged shows in areas like Harare, Glendale, Banket, Shamva and Chinhoyi only to mention a few, where he had a sing along crowd.

“The is the endorsement I have been waiting for. When I released the album, there has been debate with a number of people giving their opinions which I took into consideration.

“The turnout at our shows is now impressive, the figures have doubled since the release of the new album,” said Peter Moyo.

Young Igwe, as Peter is being referred to, said he is also impressed that the ‘big’ crowd is singing along to most of the new songs.

“Apart from the good turnout, people are singing along to new songs. Our show is Banket has also seen fans requesting songs from the new album.

“This shows that people are falling in love with the music and we will keep on working hard to always give them something refreshing,” said Peter.

Songs like VaMoyo, Murozvi and Shuviro are favourites to many and are enjoying rotation on the local airwaves.

Peter and his Utakataka Express have been credited for the unique stage performance which endeared him with fans.

“We always thrive to have something new at every show. We don’t want our shows to be predictable with the idea of giving our fans the value for their money.

“I also give credit to my team that always come up with new routines, they always do an excellent job and we understand each other,” he said.

Peter has managed to keep most his late father’s band members among them Spencer Khumulani, Gift ‘Shiga Shiga’ Katulika, Evidence ‘Baba Gari’ Tarabuka, Saviours Karukodzi and Tendai ‘Yamathele’ Chipatarongo

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