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PETER Moyo has revealed the challenges he faced, when he embarked on his journey to produce skits, including claims that he was having an extramarital affair with Lorraine Guyo.

The Utakataka Express frontman says he has always enjoyed acting since his childhood, although football remains his first love.

The 34-year-old, who is now doing commercials for Suits World alongside Doc Vikela and Lorraine Guyo, says he is now evolving as an actor.

“When I started doing skits five or so years back, I got a backlash from people who thought I was not a focused guy.

“I started building a huge fan base during the Covid-19 induced lockdown as we addressed marital woes through our skits together with Lorraine Guyo.

“I was ridiculed by some of my fans who vowed to turn their backs on me claiming that I was a bit lost but in life, you don’t know how God’s ways work,” he said.

Peter, who is married to US-based socialite Rutendo Makamache, said it was difficult to convince his wife of his new hobby.

“My wife was mad at me when she realised that I was spending much of my time with Lorraine Guyo, but she embraced us.

“Some people lied to her that Lorraine  and I were an item but, to be honest, she is my niece. We are related and I don’t have feelings for her.

“I am glad that we have clicked so well that some people don’t want to see me without her at public events.”

He also gave credit to Doc Vikela.

“I have always followed Doc Vikela as one of his fans and we finally met at Suits World where he gave me an acting role.

“I was used to talking a lot when acting but Doc Vikela told me that I could be an actor without doing a lot of talking.

“He gave me the role of the bodyguard, which I hope I have managed to accomplish very well.”

He added:

“With the advice of Doc Vikela, I have also noted that there is nothing wrong with me being a multi-tasking person.

“I am glad that there are some people who now know me as an actor and musician.

“The two roles have also boosted my brand and it took a good huge gamble and patience. I am on cloud nine.”

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