Peter Moyo readies new album

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Peter Moyo readies new album Peter Moyo


Rest Mutore, Entertainment Reporter

WHILE some believe he is still riding on his late father Tongai’s fame, musician Peter Moyo believes he has matured to be his own man.

The musician faces a defining moment when he launches his fourth album titled Mwana WeMurozvi at East Point in the capital this Thursday.

The 29-year-old said time has come for music lovers to stop using his late father Tongai as a yardstick to judge his success.

Peter said his father is irreplaceable and died with his abilities.

“I have talked about this before but I think this album will define the real Peter Moyo.

“So I am saying it’s time to judge me with my productions and not using Tongai Moyo as a benchmark.

“That man was a legend and cannot be replaced and music lovers should expect Peter Moyo’s works,” said Peter.

Having managed to keep the Utakataka ship afloat since taking over after the death of his father in 2011, the entertainer said that ability alone should not be doubted.

The album, according to Peter, is a celebration of his Moyo totem of the VaRozvi tribe.

His late father – Tongai – was known as Murozvi Mukuru in the musical scenes and this could be another confirmation that he is just a child to the late sungura legend and their music should not be compared.

“I am just celebrating my totem and my late father was popularly known as Murozvi Mukuru.

“The album is reminding fans that the legacy lives on and I am just his (Tongai) son who is keeping the ship afloat,” he said.

Peter Moyo embraced technology in marketing his launch as videos of people endorsing the event have been circulating on social media.

The six-track album was produced by Jabulani Ndlovu at Tru Tone Studios – his second album to be recorded by the veteran producer.

He has three other albums under his belt namely Mushonga Mukuru, Mabasa aMwari and Mopao Mokonzi.

He is currently riding on the success of his video Musara Pavana which is also making waves on the airwaves.




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