Peter Moyo: take care of grandparents

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Peter Moyo: take care of grandparents


6 December 2018

Peter Moyo has challenged people to take care of their grandparents and not make it Government’s obligation.

Peter’s sentiments come as he has a special relationship with his late father’s mother Gogo Chihera, Moyo.

However he did not excuse the Government from playing a role in taking care of the elderly.

“I urge the Government to help the elderly on their will but other grandchildren must also take responsibility.

“In my case, we are about 24 grandchildren and you think all of us we can fail to take care of our grandmother?

“Government must focus on other issues like the state of the economy so that we get the money to take care of our grandmother.”

He added:

“Organisations that take care for our grandmothers and fathers might be there because it is a humanitarian necessity, but there is no grandparent without her or his grandchild.

“Hakuna mbuya vasina vazukuru vavoka, vanenge vachiiteyi vazukuru vacho, every mbuya vakatozvara vana or vakatozvarirwa vana nemukoma wavo or nemuni’nina wavo.”

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