Peter Moyo wins tug-of-war

31 May, 2016 - 19:05 0 Views
Peter Moyo wins tug-of-war Peter Moyo


31 May 2016

peter moyo

Utakataka Express band leader Peter Moyo managed to pack Jimi Jimalo Night Club despite the fact that there was a free show across the road at Joy Centre, Machipisa in Highfield on Saturday.

crowd at jimalo igwe show

Young Igwe entered the venue when there less than five fans in attendance.

But the moment he got on stage, fans started coming in droves from Joy Centre.

Many fans cried looking at the late Tongai Moyo’s paintings on the walls.

Young Igwe left the crowd on cloud nine with his smart band and their good choreography.

So far in Zimbabwe, Peter Young Igwe Moyo is being rated as second only to Jah Prayzah in live stage performances and ever smart band factors.

Boss Eddie of Mhizha Night Club in Budiro 1 also applauded Young Igwe and said,

“Young Igwe is a naturally appealing artiste, he is so charismatic like Thomas Mapfumo, you just feel entertained when he gets on stage. His band is ever smart on stage as a fish in water. His dancers do not miss each other even by a small move. Everybody is an entertainer on stage. Ndomuda mufanha uyu, akarongeka,” said Mhizha.

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