Phathisani dumped over KVG

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Phathisani dumped over KVG


3 May 2018

KVG and Phathisani

STAR FM radio personality Phathisani Sibanda says he has been dumped over fellow presenter Kudzai Violet Gwara (KVG).

The duo has attracted huge listenership for their 326 Express slot and so strong is their combination that many believe it goes beyond the studio.

Many have come to believe that the two have something romantic going on between them and Phathisani confirmed that such rumours exist and have even caused him relationship problems.

He says he was dumped several times by ladies who thought he had a thing with KVG.

“It’s all about the chemistry at work, we click well and our programme comes out the way our listeners want. She is always on point.

“Yes, people confuse the nature of our relationship. I have been dumped several times by ladies who thought she is my woman. I’m taken and she is off the market too. I’m happy that her man understands the nature of our relationship.

“What the ladies don’t know is it will be an advantage for them to be friends with KVG because she will tell them all they need to know about me. Chimhamha chiripo izvozvi is getting to understand that it’s all about work and nothing more,” he said.

KVG concurred that these issues have happened and felt sorry for what Phathisani has had to deal with because of working with her on 326 Express.

KVG and Phatisani

“Well, I’m very disappointed. I think it’s very sad that people cannot separate a working from a romantic relationship.

“Phathisani and I have a fantastic chemistry and it’s really sad that he had to go through this but all I can say is that we keep rising together, we are a force to reckon with and I think vanhu vanofanirwa kungozvinzwisisa izvozvo.

“I just wish him the best moving forward but I know kuti right now he is happy and he is in a relationship and he’s got someone anomunzwisisa and someone who understands that our relationship is strictly work, nothing more nothing less,” she said.

Both Phathisani and KVG could not be drawn into revealing the lady (or ladies) that dumped the former over KVG.

Phathisani is known for dealing with several controversial and topical subjects while on radio and this has made many question his morals and conduct. However, he makes no apology for these controversial statements he makes and the subjects he talks about saying all his discussion topics are from what he experiences in the ghetto.

“Ndogara kujecha, and everything I talk about is real and people can relate. They are real issues that I have experienced. Ndikakuudza zvemu one room you can relate, zvekunamira ma newspapers kumadziro and zvebete rinobuda kumashure kwenewspaper racho. It’s real and I have experienced it and some experience it daily. I cannot talk about the issues I do not have experience with,” he said.

The affable presenter stays in Kambuzuma and says he will be there for long as he enjoys the life there.

“I stay in Kambuzuma and this is where my script comes from. It is difficult for me to craft a script because I cannot plan what I’m going to encounter. So every morning I get up and go and read newspapers with other guys. Toenda pa Section panonzi pa Parliament where we talk about several issues. This is how I get to know about people’s feelings towards a certain subject whether political, sport, social and whatever issue that will be going on.

“Script rangu ririmuvanhu and I’m sure I will be there for long. One thing for sure, I don’t know everything and I’m open to other ideas hence I listen to other people when they speak. Knowing it all is the recipe for disaster,” he said.

He is one outgoing person and is always where things happen.

“Just like H-Metro, I will be there when it happens. I’m an outgoing person and where something happens I will be there. Kana kuri kwa Sulu ndoenda, kwa Peter Moyo ndoenda kuroad show ndoenda, kumupedza nhamo ndoenda, so some of the issues happen when I’m there,” he said.
Phathisani said he has heard false rumours spread about him and sometimes it is hard to bear. .

“You know radio is different from television and some people just know the voice and not the face. I was at a function one day and sharing seats with some people. They started talking about me, hanzi Phathisani anodhakwa zvekutakurwa kuburitswa mubhawa, anohura zvisingaite nekuputa mbanje, it was painful. I don’t even drink or smoke and when they saw me on the stage they were embarrassed,” he said.

“I have come to accept that people can talk about you and say anything whether painful or not, don’t let that distract you. Remain focused and continue with your journey,” he said.

Phathisani said he has had a number of women crushing on him, some through social media.

“One thing that is important is to handle fame. I respect and love all our listeners and there will be distance in a respectable way. I’m happy that some understand that and respect the way I see things. By the way I’m off the market,” he said.

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