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9 November 2017

Philani Ncube

HARARE City coach Philani Ncube says he does not have anything against How Mine coach Kelvin Kaindu.

There is tension before the Chibuku Super Cup final at Rufaro on Saturday, with insiders saying there will be a lot of drama on the day.

It was Kaindu who fired the warning shots but Philani insists he has not taken the attack personal.

“One thing for sure is that we are not going to play Howe Mine as a grudge game but we are rather going to treat them as our opponents.

“To us, this game is a Cup final and whatever he (Kaindu) said and whether it’s true or not was unfortunate. I have nothing against Kaindu, he is a Zambian, I am Zimbabwean we are brothers so on the field of play we are colleagues,” he said.

The former How Mine coach says they are well prepared for the game.

“One thing for sure is that I have to believe and I can only lose that after 90 minutes if I have lost. At the present moment, both clubs are only 90 minutes away from victory but we are preparing to win.

“This is a final and it’s a motivating factor on its own. I don’t think the boys need to be reminded of what is at stake here. Considering that winning this trophy carries the ticket to represent the country in Africa it also motivates players.


“When I was at How Mine, I lost to Kaindu in the final but we went to represent the country by default after Highlanders was banned.

“There were a lot of changes they bought, Masomere and Kaindu. I am not here to prove any critics wrong but I am here to make sure that Harare City triumphs in the final,” he said.

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