Philanthropist publishes book which explores the power of patience

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PHILANTHROPIST Margaret Mangwende has published her first book titled “I Will Wait.”

It explores the power of being patient in life.

In an interview with H-Metro, Mangwende said the book seeks to tell people about the power of being patient. “A couple of months back, I had a number of people asking me personal questions such as, ‘Why are you single, what are you doing there, aren’t you wasting time?’

“Usually, I’d never respond but this time around I felt compelled to respond.

“So, I logged in on Facebook, a live chat, but then I felt that people on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter would benefit from what I had to say, so instead, I put it into writing.”

In the book, Mangwende illustrates the importance of waiting for the right time to show affection to your partner.

“In ‘I Will Wait’, I break logic down to its essentials on waiting, be it for a business opportunity, life partner, and on the Lord,” she said.

“I illustrate the importance of waiting for the right time to show affection to your partner.

“This eye-opening book explains the importance of losing control over things and allowing the Lord to work a good thing in our lives.

“It also explains the dynamic relationship between waiting and maturity.”

Mangwende said she did not experience any difficulties during her writing.

“As a first time author, I mastered the art of taking a step back and allowing God to work in my life,” she said.

“This kept me calm and I never faced any obstacles that I’d say were really difficult, some of them were internal with regards to planning.

“However, challenges differ according to what you want to achieve, proper planning and marketing is, however, important, knowing your target audience is also essential.”

She urged first-time authors not to give up.

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