Pintec preaches against adultery, divorces

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Pintec preaches against adultery, divorces Charles Pintec


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Kadoma based Dendera musician and preacher Charles Pintec has dropped his summer album titled  Komboni Yatsva which talks about betrayal in marriages as well as divorces.

The 2021 album which is a third album comes with rich lyrical content and addresses social ills.


Pintec said the six track album is must listen.


“Komboni Yatsva is a song about betrayal in marriage and relationships that led to the exposure of love secrets which caused pandemonium in the community.


“While the song Shungu talks about determination in life and it encourages people to work extra hard until they can achieve their goals.


“Tirivangani talks about infidelity and cautions man to have self-control and avoid sleeping around with different women leaving behind children all over.


“Just like the Abhero mhoro case, the song encourages one wife and one husband,” he said.


The leader of Royal Family Synagogue added:


“The track Akuki is a Chewa song and Amkurungai talks about divorce amongst the newlyweds.


“The term Amkurungai simply means in-law and the song seeks to encourage dialogue in marriage and also addresses the role of in-law and other family members.


“The last song is Hope Dzehumambo which talks about changing dreams or plans.”


The album was recorded by Chegutu based producer Herbert ‘Hermas’ Masanje at his Hermas Studios.


Apart from his latest release Komboni Yatsva, Pintec burst onto the entertainment scene with the album Gapu Re Dendera, which was followed, New Curriculum Blend.


He has also singles which have been topping the chats including Gamba Rerudo, Chikwati and Pikerere among others.


During the lockdown he released a single titled Mombe Yechimanda, a tribute to the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi.

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