Piracy haunting us: Psaltz

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Piracy haunting us: Psaltz


12 March 2019

Greetings H-Metro readers, the nation of Zimbabwe and all music lovers out there.

I am so honoured to have been given such an opportunity to contribute to this platform in my capacity as Psaltz.

The opportunity has arrived so timeously as It has come just as I am about to release the first compilation album from our studio GoldminT Studios.

I do not take this opportunity lightly and I am deeply grateful.

In this article, I aim to pen down a variety of issues that include my personal life and career.


My vision is basically to become one of the best and most influential music producers, sound engineers and artists ever to emerge from Zimbabwe and on the global platform. This puts me at a better position to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to nations.

Who is Psaltz?

My real name is Prince Titus Zhakata but I officially use the surname Munondo which is my grandmother’s surname.

The name Psaltz (pronounced salts), is however a combination of four word names which are Psalmist Prince Titus Zhakata.

I was born on the 21st of February 1992 to Maxwell Zhakata and Plaxcedes Rukure. I come from a family of Seven, 6 boys and one girl from which I am the second born.

My work as a producer, as an artist and songwriter is heavily influenced by my calling as a Psalmist, it is not just a job or a talent, but a calling.

Marital status

I am happily married to Princess Munetsi and we have been blessed with 2 handsome and intelligent boys Daniel and Darell.

She is a blessing to me as she is very supportive of my work and calling.

She is a key player in my successes every day.


I did my primary education at Nettleton Primay School and finished off my grade 7 at Waterfalls Primary School.

I did part of my form 1 at Seke 4 high and finished off the rest of my ZJC at Rufaro High in Masvingo.

I did part of my ordinary level at St Annes Goto High in Wedza and finished off at City Academy College in Harare CBD.

I did my A level at Mt Pleasant High and finished off at Introway Training institute in Harare CBD.

I studied theology and pastoral ministry at Pan Africa Christian College (PACC) in Hatfield and I am currently studying Law with the Zimbabwe Institute of Legal Studies. I am also prospecting on studying music professionally.

Psaltz the Producer

I was taught music production software by David Fangas in 2012 as I was recording my first single Changamire. What happened was that He noticed the talent in me and told me the only way He was going to record me was if I was to record myself and He would finish. He taught me the basics and in a few days I was already done with the song which he mixed and mastered. From there I only started recording again in Durban South Africa where my friend Minister Larry Chirindo was having problems with the producer who was doing his first album as He was not finishing the project. The mix was terrible as I had no idea what mixing and mastering was about. From there I then recorded my first album “Bhagidhi Muhadyana” as an on-the-job learning project and it is through this project that I finally became a producer.

Psaltz the Artist

I am a Christian artist and most of my music is gospel music although I also sing about social issues. In short one could call me David the Psalmist and King Solomon the poet and lover in one. I am also a session musician and I play keyboards, acoustic guitar, Bass guitar, lead guitar and mbira.

My work as a professional performing and recording artist kicked off 2016 in Durban after I released my first album with songs like “Tsime Reropa, angihambi Ngedwa, Ndoda kusangana nemi and Bhagidhi Muhadyana” which became instant hits in Durban. However, I did not market the album extensively because I was not yet confident in my music production prowess and also I was not sure if I had something unique to offer to the world. However, that has since changed as I have had lots of encouragement from big players in the music industry as well as renowned radio dj’s. Remarkably, the first and only performance that I did, where I was just doing sound check singing my songs, found me in the press a few days later. That was such huge confidence boost and very soon I will be launching my music in Zimbabwe.

I have also done 2 collabos with Bongani Mavuso a veteran poet and media personality in South Africa on his album where I played mbira and also through in a Shona poem.


As an artist, I am greatly inspired and influenced by the work of the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi. I must say He contributed more to shaping me as a musician and even producer than any other because my understanding of music is mostly based on his work.  I am also inspired greatly by Pastor Benjamin Dube.

However, it will be criminal if I do not mention Goldrich Makeredza, Pastor Philip Rutsito, Elder Hwata , Aggabu Nyabinde and Flame B for their contribution to my career as an artist.

As a producer, I am greatly inspired by Blessing Masanga and it is interesting that some people when they listen to my work, they actually confirm that Blessing Masanga connection. On that list however, I really would not have done justice if I do not mention Dr Tawanda, Gibson Makumbe and Valentine Chigova. These inspire me a lot and I follow their work and sometimes consult for advice.

GoldminT Studios

Located at number 2287 Tynwald South, Goldmint studios is where I currently work and is a partnership between me and my friend and brother Minister Tinashe Maphosa who is based in Durban, At Goldmint studios we aim to touch hearts, change lives and shape our community through music. We are not fussy about attracting big artists at our studio, but we are focused more on creating big names.

We are working on our first gospel compilation album to be released on Friday 15 March 2019. The album features the likes of Mattie, Jeff Music, McDonald Zhou , Flame B, Shepard Chinyani, The Makatida Crew, Master Mic and other dynamic and powerful artists.

Challenges & Solutions

Piracy is the major challenge faced by any music producer and artist. We want to enjoy our sweat and the fruits of our labour but piracy is a huge barricade to that phenomenon. However, I appeal to the artists and producers first to stop the habit of giving away music for free especially on social media. It is sad that we now have whatsapp groups whose status quo and objective is simply to pirate music. Rather, let us put our music on online stores and stop promoting this evil called piracy. Moreso, I appeal to the relevant authorities in government to enact stiff policies on piracy. I feel that if someone is found guilty of piracy they should be given a mandatory 4 weeks in prison. If the government’s position is stiff on piracy, then we could actually see a decrease in the practice.

 Happiest Moments

Well, they are too many to mention but I guess the significant happiest moments so far are without doubt the days when my sons where born. I remember when my first son was born at Harare hospital, I screamed and danced in public and people thought I had gone crazy. Well, the day my girlfriend who is now my wife said “Yes” , eish , I can’t explain how ecstatic I was!

Most embarrassing moment

Eish when I think about this one I always pause a little and feel the chills running down my spine. Well, I was dancing on stage at church in from of about two thousand people and my trousers snapped and got torn in between and so very badly that everyone saw what was behind the walls of Jericho. I had to remove my jacket to cover myself and went out to buy another pair of trousers.

Message to the world

I would like to say, expect more of my music and music productions as well as concerts. I want to say also that let us unite and fight piracy, piracy is stealing from our musicians. Moreso, let us live godly lives because one day before God, we shall be accountable. Heaven and Hell is real, we make the choice to be either in heaven or in hell today. God says in John 3 vs 16 , that He loved us and sent us his son Jesus Christ so that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Jesus Christ is the way, is the truth and the life and if you have not made a decision to commit your life to him, I encourage you and pray that you do.

Ita Kuti Eheeee!! God Bless you!!

 Thank You!

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