Pitchside VAR screen a farce: Dyche

Everton manager Sean Dyche said having referees leave the pitch to check incidents on VAR screens was a “farce” as they never go against the review system.

Everton were trailing 1-0 to visitors Manchester United on Sunday when United’s Anthony Martial went down in the box following an Ashley Young challenge.

Referee John Brooks initially booked Martial for simulation, but changed his decision to a penalty for United after viewing a replay of the incident beside the pitch.

Marcus Rashford doubled United’s lead from the spot before the visitors went on to secure a 3-0 victory.

“The screen thing is a farce,” Dyche told reporters. “Everyone’s talking about speeding the game up. And they go over to the screen and we all know what the outcome is.

“Good or bad decisions, just get on with it. Just call it, get on with the decision and we’ll all move on. Why are they standing there staring at it? I haven’t seen a referee overturn one yet.”

The match was Everton’s first since they were handed a 10-point deduction for breaching Premier League profitability and sustainability rules, a sanction which dropped them into the relegation zone in 19th spot.

“It’s currently a fact until they appeal, so therefore the mentality’s got to be right,” Dyche said.

“We kept trying to get something from the game. Of course it’s very difficult when the second and the third go in. But the mentality, we hit the bar, we kept creating chances.

“Fans were terrific. They are having their own say in what’s going on,” he added.

“That connection with our fans is going to be really important going forward.”

Everton next visit Nottingham Forest on Saturday.

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